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About Baor Products

Professional service for food industry

At Baor Products we have been food professionals for more than 70 years, dedicating ourselves to helping companies in their manufacturing and development.

We have a young team with extensive training and commitment to quality and service to our clients, which makes us unique in our sector.

Our R&D team is always researching new formulas to facilitate our customers’ manufacturing.

Our products are manufactured in Europe, with the strictest quality standards.

In addition, we are also distributors of our purees, concentrates and fruit juices that are used in companies around the world.

Our goals and value

Our main objective is to facilitate the buying and selling process with the best quality for our clients, making it more comfortable, simple and efficient, achieving great savings in costs and time. We identify development opportunities for our collaborators and contribute to their well-being as if it were our own. Commitment, generosity and service to others with close and honest treatment are our main values.

Our Vision

To be a highly competitive and innovative company, offering products that meet the highest standards of quality and food safety that make our clients leading companies in the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture and supply quality products to the main national and international manufacturers, as well as serve as a facilitating link between the purchasing and sales centers of the companies.

Expand our business lines towards the sector of organic and environmentally sustainable products. Be socially responsible with our environment, taking care of the productive processes and the environment in which they develop

Team Skills

Nuestro equipo de trabajo está organizado para trabajar coordinado,. todos nuestros departamentos comprometidos con la calidad y el servicio.
Personal Skills
R & D