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Apple concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Apple concentrate manufacturer

Baor Products is a manufacturer of 70 brix apple concentrate. This apple concentrate reference is implemented with ingredients to improve and stabilize the product, so our customers can only use it by adding water to our product.
This improvement makes our apple concentrate improve its characteristic color, smell and flavor.

The color of apple concentrate is bright yellow.
In this apple concentrate we mainly find two references according to their acidity.
High acidity apple concentrate with range 1.5 to 2.5% w/w AMA low acidity apple concentrate with range 2.5-3.5% w/w AMA

The apples of the world generally fall within these two ranges. Most manufacturers need a value around 2.5 and a mixture of the two references is normally made to adjust it.

Our recipe can be adjusted to this acidity, to offer just what is needed for manufacturing.

In our concentrate we control the ease of dilution, which makes it very easy to use and incorporate into different industrial applications.

70 Brix apple concentrate is widely used in the food industry to produce a variety of products, Fruit Beverages, food industrial applications, dairy, bakery, ice cream, jellies, jams, ready meals and flavored syrups.
Dosage is according to customers own recipe, although it can only be used by dilution.

Our apple concentrate is also used for vinegar fermentations or kombucha fermentations, sauces and to make apple drinks since it has a superior flavor and aroma than other concentrates.

Baor Products is a manufacturer and distributor of apple concentrate specially designed for different types of production and food sectors.

We produce our apple concentrate using apples of Spanish origin, mainly varieties from northern areas of Spain.

Quality is our aim
apple drinks made with high aroma baor apple concentrate

Apple juice concentrate substitute

Our apple concentrate can be a substitute for juice concentrates in many manufactures where you are not limited to specific regulations.
The competitive advantage of using our concentrate is in usability, since one can be directly exchanged for another, and in the price, since this product is the economical version of the juice qualities.

These two characteristics make our apple concentrate widely used in the food industry in many countries.

Apple juice concentrate bulk fillings

The most common packaging of our apple concentrate is in a 265 kg aseptic drum in refrigeration.
This format allows it to be adapted to most of the needs of the different manufacturers.
For this type of storage, we can ensure 12 months of preferential consumption,

For large European consumers, we also have 25-ton tankers, for use directly in line.

Since this year, we also have the possibility of packaging in frozen cubes of 10 and 20 kg to improve use in small workshops where they cannot use larger containers.

Distribution and Sale Formats of our Products


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Leader in fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, we stand out for excellence and innovation. Our products are 100% plant-based, sustainable and of high quality.

As international manufacturers and distributors, we guarantee safe and punctual deliveries. We work with you to boost the success of your business with personalized solutions fully adapted to your company.

Trust Baor to achieve your goals and enjoy a passionate and trustworthy collaboration!

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Secure Storage

All our products are stored at the appropriate temperature in state-of-the-art refrigerated facilities and chambers.

International Manufacturing

We manufacture and distribute internationally, preserving the cold chain, guaranteeing the quality of each of our products.

Logistics and distribution

Our logistics operations through international operators guarantee the receipt of the product in perfect conditions.