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Citrus cells for manufacturer and distributor

Citrus cells in industrial packaging

Baor Products is a manufacturer and distributor of citrus cells for industrial uses. Citrus cells are nothing more than the vesicles of the citrus without the internal juice. The cells, or pulp as it is also commonly called, are 100% natural and do not contain any additives or preservatives. They are usually packaged in refrigerated aseptic drums, although there are some exceptions that we will see in more detail.

Obtaining the citrus cell is done solely and exclusively by recovering the vesicles during the citrus juice squeezing process.

It is important to detail that within the quality parameters of citrus cells, a factor to take into account is the percentage of juice. Since the cells are dry, it is essential that the cells contain a part of juice, as this will prevent breakage during the recovery and transportation process.

Quality is our aim
premium orange cells sacs baor for manufacturing high quality juices

Citrus cells types

Citrus cells have different uses, although they are mostly used for addition to orange, lemon, tangerine or grapefruit juices, which makes the quality of the finished juice much higher.

The most common percentage of citrus cells that is usually added to juices is 0.5% of the total volume of the juice, it being very important to control this data, since very high quantities can lead to decantations in the final product.

At Baor Products we distribute our citrus cells with the highest quality to the 5 continents, I feel the success of many juices that are in the markets.

Orange Cells

Orange cells are made exclusively from cells recovered in the orange juice squeezing process.

The recovery of orange cells is usually done in two ways, either directly from production, or from a centrifuge to eliminate seeds, black spots and bundles of hyphae.

Brix 11-13.8

ph 3.2 – 4

acidity 0.5- 1.2

Lemon Cells

The lemon cells are made from the citrus limon L variety, the lemon cell is widely used in the production of lemon juice or as an additive in other manufactures where we need an extra contribution of lemon texture that is as clean as possible. As a general rule, the lemon cells are pasteurized in a 200 kg net asepcio drum.

Brix 6.5 min

ph 3.0 max

acidity 3.6- 6.5

Mandarin Cells

Mandarin cells are made from fruit of the citrus retriculata variety. The main use of the mandarin cell is to incorporate it into the production of natural mandarin juice.

Brix 8- 15.5

ph 3.3 – 4

acidity 0.38 – 1.2

Grapefruit Cells

The grapefruit cells are made from fruits of the citrus paradisi variety, like the previous ones, the main use of the grapefruit cells is to accompany NFC juices to increase the quality of the juice.

Brix 10-13.8

ph 4 max

acidity 0.5- 1.2

Milled cells

In some productions, we find it necessary to provide texture and density as well as flavor to some of the previous citrus fruits.

For this purpose, milled cells are manufactured, which are nothing more than a very well sieved puree where none of the possible natural defects that a citrus cell may have appear.

These milled cells, depending on the reference citrus, will have the same parameters of brix, pH and acidity.


There are some qualities where we need the citrus cell to be whole, along with the natural internal juice of this cell.

This product is very complicated to produce since you have to keep the cell immersed in water at all times so that it does not break or lose the internal juice. The parameters of these sacs are the same as those of the reference citrus fruit. As a general rule, sacs are only made from clementines

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