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Deionized grape juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

What is a grape deionized concentrate?

Baor Products is a manufacturers and distributors of many fruits deionized  Concentrates that are used in food industry to make many fruit productions, where we need an special characteristics to fit the product to our production.

The rectified grape concentrate is produced from other grape concentrates through a deionization process that removes all grape components except glucose and fructose. Concentrated grape juice is produced from sulfite musts, which are concentrated by evaporation and elimination of sulfites.

Our rectified concentrated must comes from the deionization of grape concentrates produced with grapes from Castilla La Mancha.

The deionization process eliminates all the components that give the grape concentrate, leaving only the glucose, fructose and minerals, thus having a product without aroma and without color, which can be used in many manufactures.

Due to its characteristics, this concentrate constitutes a base for multifruits, and mixtures such as jams that obtain their sugar only from the sugar of the fruit.

This product is fermentable, so it can also be used in kombuchas or any other production where a natural sugar must be added to help fermentation.

The rectified concentrated white grape is used

Baor products is a manufacturer and distributor of white grape concentrate in different qualities for the food sector, which are exported worldwide.

Quality is our aim
grape deionized from baor products, this a high quality, unflavor and uncolored deionized fruit

Deionized grape concentrate price

Deionized  grape concentrate price is directly related to the quality and type of packaging.

This product does not contain any type of suspended pulp, which makes it ideal for many manufactures where we want to include natural fruit sugars, and where we need the resulting product to be totally transparent and without any type of decantation.

It is a 100% natural concentrated juice, without additives or other ingredients.

SO2 <10 ppm in reconstituted juice 16 brix

Neutral odor

Neutral flavor

Shiny and viscous golden transparent color

As indicated previously, the price of rectified grape concentrate is directly related to the brix of the product. It is common that from 68 brix onwards, the product begins to present decantations and crystallizations of natural sugars, which, as in other musts, disappear only when the product is heated.

These decantations normally appear, as happens with other natural products such as honey, when the product is kept in low temperature conditions.

Concentrated must is manufactured in different concentrations, depending on the needs of our clients.

There are several parameters that can vary, depending on the quality manufactured, the three most important are brix, acidity and transmittance.

The most common brix degrees are 65 degrees, although it is common in all countries in the world to also manufacture it in 68 brix, since it has traditionally been said that they are the most stable brix.

Brix: 65-69

PH 3.2 – 4.1

Deionized grape concentrate applications

Deionized grape concentrate has multiple applications in the food industry. As it is a natural fruit sugar, it can be used as a natural sweetener or to increase the sweet flavor of many products.
Beverages stand out above all applications, as well as winemaking and the production of jams with grape extract.

Another application that can be made is pastry, where it is replaced by common sugar, making the manufactures healthier by using fruit sugar.

A great advantage of deionized grapes is that it is a fermentable sugar, so it can even be used to make kombuchas or breweries, where it will help the final fermentation of the product.

For its use, it can be incorporated directly into the mixture or it can also be diluted to incorporate the brix necessary for the industrial recipe.

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