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Lemon juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Lemon juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Lemon juice concentrate  is made by concentrating squeezed lemon juice.
During the concentration process, the natural water of the product evaporates, concentrating the natural sugars of the lemon to a brix that normally ranges from 45 to 55 brix degree.
These values ​​also concentrate the other components of lemon juice, such as acidity and aroma.This concentration of lemon properties means that juice concentrate can be an essential natural component of many industrial manufactures.
Concentration is also a competitive advantage over NFC juice, since a single kg of lemon concentrate yields the same as 7 or 8 kg of squeezed juice.

Lemon harvests in Spain are usually during the winter and spring months, industrially, although we have fresh lemons almost all year round, the beginning of processing lemon juice concentrate is usually at the end of November or beginning of December.

In Spain, different varieties of lemon are grown that are used for the production of concentrated lemon juices, among the most important are the fine lemon, also known as Primofiori or Eureka and Verna. These two varieties ensure the availability of lemon during almost the entire campaign.

Other varieties also used for concentrates, but to a lesser extent, and which have thicker skin, are Lisbon, Genova or Eco.

At Baor Products we use all of these varieties to manufacture our lemon juice concentrates.

Quality is our aim
This photo shows how the lemon juice concentrate is, and how it changes when it is diluted only with watter. The photo is a lemon juice concentrate 400 gpl from baor products

Lemon juice concentrate price

Lemon juice concentrate is a lemon juice that is squeezed and concentrated through evaporation. This procedure gives us a product that ranges from 45 to 55 brix, depending on the quality we need.
Depending on the concentration of the lemon juice, and the citrus that the fruit naturally has, we distinguish between two qualities: 400 gpl or 500 gpl, the gpl are the grams of citric acid in the product.
This characteristic is directly related to the price, since more lemons are needed to be able to manufacture a 500 gpl than a 400 gpl.
400 gpl:
Brix 45 – 53
Acidez 30 -33
Gpl : 390-415
500 gpl:
Brix 47 – 59
Acidez 37,0-40,5
Gpl 490-515

Lemon juice concentrate industrial clarification methods

The clarification process of lemon concentrate is mainly done through two types of classification. We can do enzymatic classification or ultrafiltration classification.

The enzymatic clarification process begins with a dilution of the lemon juice concentrate and a subsequent addition of enzymes. These enzymes process all the matter that gives turbidity to the product that will be decanted, and only by discarding this decanted can we have a clarified product.

The clarification process by ultrafiltration is done mechanically, passing the diluted concentrate through a series of membranes that eliminate all the pulp and particles that are in suspension.

It is important to highlight that the clarified product only loses the characteristic color of the product, maintaining the characteristic GPL of each of the two qualities listed above.

In both cases, the juice will need to be concentrated later to have a clarified lemon juice concentrate.

Lemon juice concentrate industrial packing

Lemon juice comes in various formats. The most common format is the approximately 250 kg net drum, although other smaller formats are increasingly used.

In both cases, storage is usually done frozen, since it has been shown that lemon is kept much better at temperatures below 0º C, thus avoiding enzymatic browning of the product.

Bag in box 20 kg, is the ideal product for small consumers, this format is the most manageable

Since this year, we also have the possibility of packaging in 10 and 20 kg frozen cubes to improve use in small workshops where they cannot use larger containers.

Distribution and Sale Formats of our Products


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