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Lemon juice nfc for manufacturers and distributors

Lemon juice not from concentrate ( NFC )

Lemon juice NFC is made from the natural squeezing of lemons, only by pressure, in the same way as it is squeezed at home. It is 100% pure lemon squeezed juice.
Baor Products is a manufacturer and distributor of squeezed lemon juice for industrial consumers.

Industrially, NFC Lemon juice is consumed not only to make drinks and as a natural acidifier, but also for other uses such as cleaning or as an antioxidant in other industrial processes. Lemon Juice have many health properties that make being used to improve some asepacts of body health.

Baor Produts si sited in Murcia , and this is the most important lemon production center in all of Spain, where the aroma and quality of our fruit stands out above many other countries.
Our lemon juice comes from squeezing lemons grown in Murcia, under the characteristics dictated by AIJN.

The main varieties used are Fino and Verna. Those two varieties are collected in  two seasons, one for Autumn – Winter with fine lemon and another for spring – summer, where the variety is Verna which are mainly collected in the Murcia area.

The Spanish Murician lemon is highly appreciated for its size and aroma that is given by our land and warm climate.  with this we probably produce the best lemon juice of Europe

The wide variety of lemon qualities makes us a world leader in quality squeezed lemon juice and is able to have different raw materials for our productions.

Quality is our aim
squeezed lemon juice factory

Lemon juice nfc manufacturer

Baor products is a manufacturer of pure squeezed lemon juice both in industrial packaging and in our own brands.
The acidity of lemon juice makes the product more stable than other juices. Organoleptically, it is necessary for us to control the color, which must be bright yellow and cloudy due to the pulp in suspension that the product has.
Browner tones denote that more ripe fruit has been used or that the product is older or has not been maintained in the necessary storage conditions; that is, refrigeration or freezing.

As with other citrus fruits, the suspended pulp of pure lemon juice is between 6 and 9%. A general doubt regarding this pulp is the size. It is important to note that this pulp is centrifugable, that is, it is the pulp that gives the product its turbidity.

Brix: 7 min.

Acidity 4.5-6(% w/w) ACA


NFC lemon juice use in industry

As we indicated, NFC lemon juice is squeezed naturally, and as such it has all the benefits of natural juices. In the case of lemon, its high vitamin C content, acidic flavor and antimicrobial and preservative characteristics stand out, this gives it special use. for many industrial uses

Food and beverage industry:

Food Additive: Lemon juice is used as an additive to provide sour flavor and improve the freshness of various food products, such as sauces, dressings, carbonated drinks, ice cream and bakery products.

Canning industry:

Food Preservation: The citric acid present in lemon juice acts as a natural preservative, helping to preserve fruits, vegetables and other canned foods. It is also used to prevent oxidation and darkening of cut fruits and vegetables.

Confectionery industry:

Lemon juice can be used to add flavor and acidity to candies, chewing gum and other confectionery products.

Cocktail and beverage industry:

Lemon juice is an essential ingredient in the preparation of cocktails and mixed drinks. It is used in alcoholic drinks such as mojito, margarita and daiquiri, as well as non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade and lemon soda.

In addition, it is also used for other non-food uses, such as cleaning or pharmaceuticals.

NFC lemon juice packaging

In general, packaging can be done in aseptic drums of 220 kg net or 25 mt tanks for large consumers.

Some clients also ask us for 20 kg bibs, or unpasteurized frozen cubes, for the inclusion of high quality products for foodservice, hotels and catering.

Distribution and Sale Formats of our Products


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Leader in fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, we stand out for excellence and innovation. Our products are 100% plant-based, sustainable and of high quality.

As international manufacturers and distributors, we guarantee safe and punctual deliveries. We work with you to boost the success of your business with personalized solutions fully adapted to your company.

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All our products are stored at the appropriate temperature in state-of-the-art refrigerated facilities and chambers.

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We manufacture and distribute internationally, preserving the cold chain, guaranteeing the quality of each of our products.

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Our logistics operations through international operators guarantee the receipt of the product in perfect conditions.