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Mandarin essential oil for manfuactuers and suppliers

Mandarin Essential oil manufacturer

Mandarin essential oil is extracted directly during the production of natural tangerine juices and is responsible for the tangerine aroma of the most premium productions. It is free of preservatives or any other additives.

The oil is found in the outer parts of the citrus skin, this skin is scraped slightly to extract drops of oil that are recovered and saved for later filtering. This extraction is done cold, without heating the oils so that the product maintains all its natural characteristics.

Relative Density (20ºC) 0.838-0.855 gml

Aldehydes 0.5 Mins % decanal (w/w)

Refractive index (20ºC) 1.468-1.478

It is important to note that citrus fruits have natural waxes; in the production of essential oils they are usually stored in the refrigerator, so that the waxes decant on their own and the part with waxes can be separated from the clean orange oil.

Baor Products has orange essential oil directly from the factory and at the best prices.

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natural mandarin essential oil for manufacturers and distributors

Mandarin essential oil industrial industrial production

The main uses for natural mandarin oil are for the preparation of drinks and for desserts and yogurts.
Traditionally, mandarin has had applications. The main applications are for use as a relaxant or for its digestive properties.

In the manufacture of beverages, which is the most widespread, only with the addition of 1% of natural madarin oil, we can achieve an aroma and flavor of fresh mandarin with the best quality. 

The natural color of our mandarin oil, also makes that this application more natural.

Mandarin essential oil price

The tangerine only has between 0.1% and 0.3% of its weight in oil, this means that the amount of tangerines needed for one kg of natural tangerine oil is very large.

This is the reason why natural mandarin oil prices are very high compared to other orange products.

Mandarin oil has many applications, from the food industry; where we use it to flavor naturally, even cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

Traditionally in southern Spain, mandarin oil has been used to add to typical desserts.

In the food industry, Baor Products uses mandarin oil to reincorporate it into mandarin concentrates and other bases, which thus increase their smell and enhance the entire sensation of quality of our products.

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