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Oat concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Pure Oat concentrate or insolate 100%

Baor Products is a manufacturer of 100% pure oat concentrate without added sugar for the production of vegan milks and others indutrial manufacturing.

The «dry matter» in a concentrate refers to the content of a food that remains after all the water present in that food has been removed. In other words, it is the part of the concentrate that is not water.

Our Oat concentrate  obtained directly from the oat grains, from the hydrolysis process with water for its liquefaction, and posterior concentration process to 65 brix..

Natural foods, such as fruits, vegetables or cereals, contain a significant amount of water. When a concentrate is produced, a process is performed to remove much or all of the water present, resulting in a denser, more nutrient-concentrated product.
For example, if you have a feed concentrate with 90% dry matter, it means that 90% of the total weight of the concentrate consists of components other than water. This measurement allows food manufacturers and consumers to know the amount of essential nutrients and other components present in the food, excluding water.
The dry matter of a concentrate can include carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and other compounds. When evaluating the nutritional quality of a concentrate, it is important to consider the amount of dry matter, since this measurement provides more accurate information about the nutrients present in the food without being diluted by water content.
In the case of Baor Products 100% oat concentrate, the percentage of dry matter is above 65%, this data is very interesting, as it guarantees the high purity of our concentrate, since our concentrate is around 65 degrees. brix.

Another of the special characteristics of our oat concentrate is the viscosity, which can be between 10,000 and 16,000 Brockfield, which gives us a texture similar to a chocolate cream.

Quality is our aim
At this photo can see a pure oat concentrate 100% manufactured by Baor Products and the dilution only with water

Oat concentrate high protein

The global trend right now is towards the elimination of animal milk, and this oat concentrate can be a good substitute.

At ice cream production, oat concentrate can be used as a substitute for traditional condensed milk, giving ice cream a similar creaminess. In the case of pastry, our oat concentrate can be used as an addition to doughs, providing extra sugars that can help natural fermentation.

One of the problems that vegan diet have  is obtaining proteins. Due to the extraction process we carry out, our oat concentrate contains 9 grams of Oat protein per 100 grams

In the case of traditional milk drinks, you only have to use a percentage of our oat milk concentrate to add to the fruit juice recipe, thus having fruit juices with oat milk.

The oat drink is having great acceptance due to its ease of digestion, and it can be consumed alone or mixed with chocolate or coffee. This versatility and its mild flavor mean that it can be part of making creams, sauces, desserts, smoothies or ice creams.

The recipe for making an oat drink from our concentrate is very simple, you only have to add 8 parts of water for each part of our concentrate, to obtain a drink ready to pasteurize or to add to other preparations.Baor Products Oat Concentrate can only be used by diluting with water,
The soluble solids of the product are around 65%, so up to 13 liters of oats can be made with just one kg of our concentrate, depending on the desired brix in the final drink.

Our oat drink is presented in industrial drums 265 kg  frozen 20 kg cubes for easy use in small manufacturers.

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Leader in fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, we stand out for excellence and innovation. Our products are 100% plant-based, sustainable and of high quality.

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