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Oat drink milk concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Oat drink mink concentrate manufacturer

Oats are increasingly being consumed for breakfast or as a complement to other diets. Oats are a source of protein and fiber and also help control cholesterol.

Vegetable milk drinks in general have the problem of physicochemical parameters, since pH, brix and acidity are usually very problematic when introducing them into industrial manufacturing. At Baor Products we have developed an oat concentrate with several references, with parameters adjusted for various uses, and that facilitate incorporation into industrial productions.

Our oat milk concentrate has an intense flavor and soft aroma, with a cream color. The main characteristics are ease of use and dissolution, since only by adding water you can get an oat drink.

Baor Products is a manufacturer of concentrated oat drink for manufacturing oat drink or for incorporation directly into other recipes.

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Oat drink recipe

The global trend right now is towards the elimination of animal milk, and this oat concentrate can be a good substitute.

In ice cream, oat concentrate can be used as a substitute for traditional condesand milk, giving ice cream a similar creaminess. In addition, since we add fruit extracts to our concentrate, we achieve greater stability and connection with the other added fruits.

This addition of fruit extracts allows this connection that is necessary for the preparation of smoothies with vegetable milks.

In the case of pastry, our oat concentrate can be used as an addition to doughs, providing extra sugars that can help natural fermentation.

In the case of traditional milk drinks, you only have to use a percentage of our oat milk concentrate to add to the fruit juice recipe, thus having fruit juices with oat milk.

The oat drink is having great acceptance due to its ease of digestion, and it can be consumed alone or mixed with chocolate or coffee. This versatility and its mild flavor mean that it can be part of making creams, sauces, desserts, smoothies or ice creams.

The recipe for making an oat drink from our concentrate is very simple, you only have to add 8 parts of water for each part of our concentrate, to obtain a drink ready to pasteurize or to add to other preparations.

Our oat drink is presented in industrial containers or in frozen 20 kg cubes for easy use in small manufacturers.

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Leader in fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, we stand out for excellence and innovation. Our products are 100% plant-based, sustainable and of high quality.

As international manufacturers and distributors, we guarantee safe and punctual deliveries. We work with you to boost the success of your business with personalized solutions fully adapted to your company.

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