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Orange concentrate clear for manufacturers and distributors

Orange concentrate clear manufacturer

Baor products is a registered manufacturer of different products, including orange concentrate clear.
Clarified orange concentrate is developed for manufacturing where we need the final product to not have any pulp in suspension.
Due to its special characteristics, this product is ideal for manufacturing clarified beverages such as energy drinks or even for acetic fermentations.

The main characteristic of this orange concentrate is that it does not have pulp. The clarified orange concentrate manufactured by Baor Products, unlike others, has more aroma and is industrially tested. It is consumed by many manufacturers of beverages and even dairy desserts.

This concentrate do not contains any suspended,  pulps or other impurities that make the final product have decantation in final product. This clarify not only improves the aesthetics of the product, but also contributes to quality control by ensuring that the concentrate meets certain standards in terms of purity and solids content.


quality is our aim
This photo is from an orange concentrate clear and industrial dilution with water. In the photo can see the color of the concentrate and the dilution one.

orange juice concentrate sustitute

In certain manufactures, where we do not necessarily have to abide by legislation, it is necessary to have orange concentrate that has quality adapted to different food productions such as energy drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, pastries, yogurts, ice cream or syrups.

For this type of manufacturing, you can directly use our concentrate in solution, or even use semi-concentrate for use at 32 brix in ice cream parlors.

Our orange concentrate is a substitute for juice qualities since the performance within manufacturing is the same, and in many cases even better, since we can adapt percentages of pulp and even texture of our concentrate.

This versatility of our orange concentrate makes us world leaders in this concentrate, which is exported all over the world to be included in a variety of industrial food manufacture.


The most typical packaging for orange concentrate is 265 kg aseptic drums, since they are easy to use. At Baor Products we can now also load 25 MT flexitank or smaller quantities packaged in buckets for small factories.

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