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Orange juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Orange Juice Concentrate meaning

Spain is a leader in the manufacture of high-quality orange juice concentrate. Our Valencia varieties are famous for their characteristic aroma and flavor.
Orange juice concentrate is produced from the concentration of natural juice.
We approximately need 15 kg of oranges to be able to make one kg of juice concentrate. This information is relative, since it depends a lot on the quality of the orange used

Brix 64 – 66

Acidez 3,5 – 5

Ratio : 12-18

We produce our orange juice concentrate using oranges of Spanish origin, mainly varieties produced in areas of Valencia and Seville.
The orange ratio refers to the relationship that exists between acidity and brix, that is, the higher the ratio, the sweeter our orange concentrate is, and the lower the ratio, the more acidic the concentrate is.
This parameter is very important to determine the quality and tastes of our international client

the main characteristics of this juice concentrate are that it is a natural juice, it is a squeezed and have pulp in suspension between 6 and 9 low limonin, and have high vitamin C content.

Quality is our aim
concentrated orange juice manufactured and distributed by baor product

orange juice concentrate price

The price of concentrated orange juice depends on the world situations of the fruit.

Historically, Brazil has been the world benchmark for orange juices and concentrates. For a few years now, and due in part to citrus greening, this situation is changing and new global players are entering the manufacturing and distribution of orange juice concentrates.

Spain is a world leader in the quality of orange juice concentrates, highlighting our Valencian varieties, which stand out for their characteristic smell and flavor.

Industrial filling in orange juice concentrate. 

Orange juice comes in various formats. Frozen concentrated orange juice can also be served aseptic refrigerated.

Approximate 25 mt tank, for large consumers, the tank is delivered refrigerated from 0ºC to 5ºC

200 liter drums, normally aseptic, although we can also deliver non-aseptic merchandise with low production if the client has a kraser in their production.

Bag in box 20 kg, is the ideal product for small consumers, this format is the most manageable

Since this year, we also have the possibility of packaging in 10 and 20 kg frozen cubes to improve use in small workshops where they cannot use larger containers.

Distribution and Sale Formats of our Products


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