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Organic lemon juice for manufacturers and distributors

Organic Lemon juice

Murcia is the birthplace of organic lemon from Spain, we have the largest lemon plantations and we are famous for the quality of our product. Baor products is certified as a manufacturer of organic lemon that is exported and distributed to manufacturers around the world.
When making organic lemon juice, quality and respect for nature must merge to offer the best in flavor and health.

Our organic lemon juice is created with lemons grown in Spain and under ecologically certified agricultural systems, where the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers is avoided. This ensures that every sip is a tangy, authentic experience, free of chemical residue and packed with the nutritional benefits that only nature can offer.
The production of our organic lemon juice is audited from the tree, following traceability to the manufacturer who consumes our juice.

From the meticulous selection of the lemons to the manufacturing and sealing process, each step is carried out with the utmost attention to quality and respect for the environment. Our organic juices are a conscious choice for those who want to take care of themselves and the planet at the same time.

There are several reasons why organic lemon juice is increasingly used in food; By not using pesticides or chemicals, the amount of toxic waste that can end up in the final product is reduced.

Organic products are famous for being grown and produced without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, which means that, as we have mentioned before, they contain less toxic residues that can be harmful to human health and the environment.

It is also the best for your health, as it does not contain traces of pesticides, organic lemon juice can be a healthier option, and through which you can obtain all the properties that this liquid gold provides you, in fact, some studies claim that Organic foods may have slightly higher levels of certain nutrients and antioxidants compared to conventional or non-organic foods.

Quality is our aim
At the photo can se an organic lemon juice nfc manufactured by baor products, can see the color and natural turbidity of the product

Best organic lemon juice 100%

The manufacture of organic lemon juice begins with quality control of the fruit. Before the fruit arrives at the factory, the fruit supplier must be audited and have all the documentation and traceability of the fruit production. These lemons are collected and taken directly to the factory, where they are washed, squeezed and packaged in an aseptic drum with a rapid process, where we manage to deactivate the enzymes and thus be able to offer our clients a long shelf life for reprocessing.  The aseptic drums can be filled at 185 or 200 kg, both in frozen and refeer conditions. This paking is problable the product with best price and easy manage to export purposes

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Leader in fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, we stand out for excellence and innovation. Our products are 100% plant-based, sustainable and of high quality.

As international manufacturers and distributors, we guarantee safe and punctual deliveries. We work with you to boost the success of your business with personalized solutions fully adapted to your company.

Trust Baor to achieve your goals and enjoy a passionate and trustworthy collaboration!

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All our products are stored at the appropriate temperature in state-of-the-art refrigerated facilities and chambers.

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We manufacture and distribute internationally, preserving the cold chain, guaranteeing the quality of each of our products.

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Our logistics operations through international operators guarantee the receipt of the product in perfect conditions.