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Pear juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Pear juice concentrate industrial production flow chart

Baor Products is a manufacturer of some pear concentrates.

To produce a perfect pear juice concentrate, we need, first of all, to know the different qualities for manufacturing.
Traditionally in Spain two types of pears have been used, the white pears and the Williams pears. These two types of pear are perfect for the production of juices, concentrates and purees, since their pulp is very white and they have a great aroma.

Once we have the fruit in the factory, the next step is the production of an NFC juice, which is always done by mechanical means, that is, applying pressure on the fruit, which results in us obtaining a puree from which we will later extract the squeezed juice.This juice is subjected to clarification, passing it through an ultrafiltration process where the product is passed through a series of filters, eliminating most of the pulp in suspension from the product.
At this point we find ourselves with a pear juice of between 10 and 12 brix.From here, the last step is the concentration, which, as in other cases, is done based on the evaporation of water from the product, until reaching 70 degrees brix.

Quality is our aim
This photo is from a dilution of a pear juice concentrate, manufactured with pears grown in Spain

Pear juice concentrate price

The price of pear jiuce concentrate is a very important characteristic that makes it more appreciated than other fruits, like apple does. The reason is that this concentrate is manufactured at 70 brix, compared to 65 or 60 brix for other fruits. To this, we also add that the dilution of a beverage drink is 12 brix, compared to others that can even reach 16.

Yes, it is true that usually the prices of apple concentrates are usually cheaper, but depending on which year they are always very similar.

This makes it more used as an essential ingredient in many industrial manufactures, and not only like a juice, also as a pear syrup

Pear concentrate bulk filling

It comes in various formats and could be found in both aseptic and non-aseptic frozen packaging. In the case of refrigerated non-aseptic packaging, it would only be available in a drum; having an approximate net weight of 270 kg

For large European consumers, we also have 25-ton tankers, for use directly in line.

Since this year, we also have the possibility of packaging in 10 and 20 kg frozen cubes to improve use in small workshops where they cannot use larger containers.

Distribution and Sale Formats of our Products


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