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Pineapple concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Pineapple concentrate manufacturer

Baor Products is a manufacturer and distributor of 60 brix pineapple concentrate.

Our pineapple concentrate is mainly used to make drinks, although it is also used as an ingredient in energy drinks, ice cream, pastries or dairy desserts.
A special characteristic of our concentrate compared to others is our turbidity.
Our pineapple concentrate has en stabilized color so that it reaches the end of its useful life better. Other pineapple concentrates have the problem of enzymatic browning, which we avoid as much as possible with our product.
The color of the pineapple concentrate is golden yellow, with some turbidity and a dense syrup texture.

Pineapple concentrate is a common ingredient in the production of juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, desserts and other food products. It is especially popular in the beverage industry as it provides a sweet, tropical flavor that is appreciated by many companies.

As in other clarified concentrates, our pineapple concentrate has a centrifuge pulp ranging from 6 to 9%
This value avoids most decantations in manufacturing.

This concentrate is mainly used as an ingredient in beverages, energy drinks, ice cream, pastries or dairy desserts.

There are mainly two types of pineapple concentrate, one with 60 brix and another with 65 brix. Both have the same characteristics and only the brix degrees vary.

Brix 60 – 65

Acidity 1.2 – 1.8

PH: 4 max

Quality is our aim
This photo is from pineapple concentrate and the dilution. In the photo can see the real color of the dilution for manufacturers

Pineapple concentrate syrup price

The pineapple concenrate price  depends to a large extent on the origin of the pineapple used.
Each origin has special characteristics, whether acidity, aroma or pulp.

Our pineapple concentrate encompasses a bit of all of them, making it useful for many manufactures. In addition, we also have the advantage of controlling the color, so our pineapple reaches the end of its useful life much better than others.

The recipe that Baor Products has, makes us have a pineapple with a natural flavor, adaptable to a multitude of manufactures, from yogurts to energy drinks, including others such as kombuchas.

The packaging of this pineapple is usually in 265 kg net drums, although we can also present it in 20 kg bibs or frozen 10 kg cubes for small manufacturers.

Pineapple concentrate frozen

In industrial packaging of pineapple concentrates, the most common is the 265 kg aseptic drum.
It is important to note that this container can be stored refrigerated or frozen, depending on the needs of our client. Maintaining the concentrate in one conservation and another directly influences the useful life. Although our concentrate is aseptic and microbiologically stable for a long time, the color has a natural degradation, which is accentuated when refrigerated.

Refrigeration….18 months
Frozen…………..24 months

Now we can also offer pineapple concentrate in frozen cubes of 10 and 20 kg.

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