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Red grape juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Red Grape Juice concentrate suppliers

Red juice juice is manufactured from NFC sulfur must.
This Must is brought directly from the cooperative where it is produced and stored to the concentration plant, where SO2 is removed and concentrated, usually between 56 and 68 degrees Brix.

The main variety used is Bobal, which is harvested between the months of August and October.
Red grape concentrate is used to make juices, as a base for multifruits or for the production of wines.

Our red grape concentrate is used by grape juice manufacturers and distributors around the world and is the basis of many multifruit blends and other productions.

Quality is our aim
Grape-ink concentrate 600 color baor products

Red grape juice concentrate qualities

There are several types and qualities of red grape concentrate qualities on the market. Red grape juice concentrate should have a dark purple color, and this color varies depending on the quality.

The differences are mainly in two parameters.
the thanks brix, that is, the concentration

The color points, that is, how much color it can provide. Both parameters are directly related to the price of the product.

Within the different qualities of red grapes, we find two most important ones: those with 400 – 500 color points and those with 500 to 600 color points.
This parameter is linked to the price, since red grape concentrates with more color are usually more scarce and consequently expensive.
Grape concentrates with 400 to 500 color points are usually used in productions where the concentrate is mixed with other fruits, which also provide color. Because color is a parameter that greatly penalizes the price, choosing the necessary quality well can make the recipe much cheaper.
Grape concentrates with color greater than 600 are usually used to make grape juice or high-quality wines.

El Mosto concentrado se fabrica en diferentes concentraciones, dependiendo de las necesidades de nuestros clientes. Habitualmente trabajamos con 65 o 68 grados brix.

Concentrated must is manufactured in different concentrations, depending on the needs of our clients. We usually work with 65 or 68 degrees Brix.

There are several parameters that can vary, depending on the quality manufactured, the three most important are brix, acidity and color points as we have indicated previously.

The most common brix degrees are 65 degrees, although it is common in all countries in the world to also manufacture it in 68 brix, since it has traditionally been said that they are the most stable brix.

Above 68 brix, it is common to have crystallizations of the natural sugars in the grape juice, which disappear when the product is heated and shaken.

Brix : 65-66  ——   PH 2,88 – 3,8 —– SO2  en zumo <10 ppm SO2 concentrado < 50 ppm

Brix : 67,5-68,5  ——   PH 2,8 – 3,8 —– SO2  en zumo <10 ppm SO2 concentrado < 50 ppm

Envasado de concentrado de mosto tinto.

El zumo de uva se presenta en varios formatos y se podria encontrar tanto en envasado aséptico como en no aséptico congelado.

En el caso de envasado no aséptico refrigerado solamente estaría disponible en bidón; teniendo un peso neto aproximado de 280 kg.

Ahora también existe la posibilidad de reenvasado en cubos de 10 y 20 kg netos para pequeños fabricantes

Red grape juice concentrate bulk filling

Grape juice comes in various formats and could be found in both aseptic and non-aseptic frozen packaging.

In the case of refrigerated non-aseptic packaging it would only be available in drums; having an approximate net weight of 280 kg.

Now there is also the possibility of repackaging in 10 and 20 kg net buckets for small manufacturers

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