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Red grapefruit juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

Red Grapefruit juice concentrate manufacturer

Baor Products is a manufacturer and distributor of red grapefruit juice concentrates for packaging juices and nectars.
The manufacturing process of red grapefruit concentrate is the same as that of white grapefruit, it begins with the selection of fruit to be harvested. We must select fruits in a perfect state of ripeness, and in the case of red grapefruit this is done by checking the color of the skin of the fruit on the tree.

The ripe grapefruits are taken to the factory to be squeezed, where the grapefruit juice is extracted and concentrated through evaporation.

This elimination of water from the juice causes the sugars and properties to concentrate, increasing the properties of the juice.

During the concentration, only the water of the product evaporates. By evaporating it, part of the natural aromas of the grapefruit are also eliminated, which are recovered and reincorporated into the final product, which makes our white grapefruit concentrate have all the characteristic aroma of the fruit and maintain all the properties of the grapefruit but in concentration.

Packaging is usually done in 265 kg aseptic drums. It must be taken into account that these drums can be stored refrigerated or even frozen, which will allow us to have a shelf life of up to 24 months and for the product to be in perfect condition.

Our red grapefruit concentrates are present in products manufactured in Asia, Europe and America, where they enjoy success and recognized fame.

Quality is our aim
In this flow chart we can see how red grapefruit concentrate is manufactured, indicating all its phases from collection to distribution.

Diferences between concentrated red grapefruit and orange

These two citrus fruits belong to the same family of Rutaceas and the citrus genus, both share several of their properties such as the high content of vitamin C. This high content of vitamin C makes it one of the favorite fruits for breakfast.

As with the white grapefruit concentrate, the red grapefruit concentrate is also concentrated at about 54 brix and this is done due to the high acidity of the product.

At first glance, it is not unusual to often confuse some varieties of grapefruits with oranges. The main difference is that red grapefruit is more oval than oranges. Once opened, the red grapefruit has a pulp that is somewhat redder than the orange, and which can turn pink tones. Hence, in some origins, such as Spain, they speak of pink grapefruit, instead of red grapefruit, since the varieties planted in our country have lower amounts of erythrosine than other grapefruit varieties.
The flavor of red grapefruit is very similar to white grapefruit, but sweeter than white grapefruit, and approaching the natural sugar level of orange.

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All our products are stored at the appropriate temperature in state-of-the-art refrigerated facilities and chambers.

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We manufacture and distribute internationally, preserving the cold chain, guaranteeing the quality of each of our products.

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Our logistics operations through international operators guarantee the receipt of the product in perfect conditions.