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Strawberry puree for manufacturers and distributors

Strawberry puree, manufacturers flow chart

Spain is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of industrial strawberry purees. Our purees stand out from the rest for being more aromatic in addition to having the guarantee of quality and food safety compared to strawberries from other origins, where the production of the fruit is not controlled nor is there control over the production as is done in Spain. .

Within the Flow chart for the manufacture of strawberry puree, the first thing that is done is a control and selection of the fruit to be processed. In Spain we have several types of strawberries, and although the Camarosa, which are large, juicy and flavorful strawberries, very sweet, it has historically been the most planted, in recent years it has been changed for strawberries that extend the campaign, either because they are earlier or later. This means that we can make strawberry purees for more months a year. Other varieties used to make strawberry purees are Ciflorette, Selva, Fortuna, Candonga, Ventana and Rabidala. The union of the harvest of all these varieties means that we can have strawberries in Spain from January to June.
All of our strawberry suppliers are externally audited, which makes it very rare for us in Spain to have problems with the quality of the fruit, as usually happens with strawberries from other origins where food alerts usually arise due to contamination.

Strawberry puree SS without seeds

1. Selection and Washing of Strawberries:
The strawberries are carefully selected to eliminate those that are damaged or of low quality.
They are washed to remove dirt, residue and possible contaminants.
2. Disinfection:
Strawberries can undergo a disinfection process to reduce the microbial load. This may involve the use of approved disinfectant solutions.
3. Destemming and Chopping:
The stems and inedible parts of the strawberries are removed.
The strawberries are chopped to facilitate processing.
4. Cooking or Blanching:
The chopped strawberries are cooked or blanched to soften them and make it easier to extract the puree.
This process also helps eliminate possible microorganisms and enzymes that could affect the quality of the final product.
5. Shredding:
The cooked strawberries are crushed to obtain a homogeneous puree. This step is usually carried out with specific equipment, such as industrial shredders.
6. Sifting:
The crushed puree can go through a sieving process to remove seeds, pulps and other unwanted solids, thus obtaining a finer puree.
7. Continuous pasteurization:
The puree undergoes a pasteurization process to eliminate unwanted microorganisms and prolong the shelf life of the product.
This step involves heating the mash to a specific temperature for a set time and then cooling it quickly.
8. Packaging:
The pasteurized puree is packaged in 230 kg aseptic drums that are immediately cooled and stored in a cold room until exported.

Quality is our aim
This photo is from an strawberry puree with seeds, manufacture with sieve of 1,5 mm to manufacturers of smoothies, jams and smoothies

price of differents qualities of strawberry puree

Within industrial strawberry puree, we find two very different qualities, each of them is used for a different type of manufacturing.
Seedless strawberry puree, The sieve used in this type of strawberry puree is 0.5mm, which makes it possible to have a seedless strawberry puree, clean and without impurities.
Strawberry puree with seeds, To make this puree, the sieve used for crushing is 1.5 mm. For the production of this type of puree, it is very important to correctly remove the strawberry calyxes during the process, since otherwise the final product would have many pieces of leaf. This type of strawberry puree is ideal for making jams, yogurts or smoothies, where we need to have strawberry seeds present.
The price of these two varieties is usually different, only because the qualities with seeds imply a much more careful process, and in some cases, removing the calyx from the strawberry by hand, one by one.

The packaging of this strawberry is usually in 230 kg net drums, although we can also present it in 20 kg bibs or frozen 10 kg cubes for small manufacturers.

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