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White grape juice concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

White grape juice concentrate manufacture

White grape juice concentrate or WGJC is made from  sulfited musts, which are concentrated through evaporation and elimination of sulfites.

Our concentrated white grape must comes from the desulfation of must produced with grapes from Castilla La Mancha, under the characteristics dictated by AIJN from August to October

Due to WGJC characteristics, this concentrate forms the basis of many multifruits and mixtures of different grapes. In addition, it is also used for the production of white wines through alcoholic fermentation.

The quality of the grape concentrate is a determining factor in determining its price. The parameters that most influence the price of concentration are brix and transmittance.
Both parameters are directly linked to production costs, since it makes the process longer and consequently more expensive.
The most economical grape concentrates are the ones that involve the least process, but on the other hand they are more natura

Baor products is a manufacturer and distributor of white grape concentrate in different qualities for the food sector, which are exported worldwide.

Quality is our aim
drums of concentrated grape must for juice production

How to use the white grape juice concentrate in industrial recipe

Among the different qualities of white grape concentrates, we have to take into account the most important one when knowing its use.

The first step will be to know the manufacturing to be carried out, since based on the product to be produced we have to select a white grape concentrate with greater or lesser transmittance.

White grape concentrates are always filtered, but can be cloudy. The transmittance parameter will help us define how clear we want our production.
That is, if we are going to make a juice that is very clear and where the rest of the components are clarified, we must resort to a grape concentrate with very high transmittance, that is, very transparent.
If, on the other hand, we are going to produce a cloudy drink, the best we can select is a grape concentrate with very low transmittance, since these suspended particles are part of the juice, and this will give us more flavor and texture in the product. final.

The second step will be to define the brix we need. This range goes from 65 brix to 69 brix, and it is just a matter of choosing what suits our recipe best due to dilution with the rest of the ingredients.

The choice of these brix is ​​important since this small difference will help us to have a final product with the necessary brix degrees.

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