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Forecasts for the 2024 Stone Fruit Campaign in Spain: More Volume and Better Quality

Forecasts for the 2024 Stone Fruit Campaign in Spain: More Volume and Better Quality

The 2024 stone fruit crop in Spain is presented with optimistic expectations in various producing regions, highlighting both the increase in volume and the improvement in quality in both fruit purees and fruit concentrates. According to recent reports, the campaign is off to a good start. The main fruit producing areas of Spain, Murcia, Catalonia, and Andalusia, have good expectations for fruit production, which will allow us to have good quality industrial products and recover part of the market lost a few years ago.

Murcia: Advanced and High Quality Production

In Murcia, the campaign has started almost two weeks early due to a warm winter and favorable weather conditions at the beginning of the year. The quality of apricots, nectarines and peaches is high and we will have good prices. Despite some frost and rain a few weeks ago, the forecasts remain positive with excellent volumes and qualities.

Catalonia: Reduction in Volume but High Quality

In Catalonia, forecasts indicate a slight decrease in total peach and nectarine production due to water stress and high temperatures, with an overall drop of 4% compared to last year. However, the quality of the fruit is outstanding, with good sizes and high sugar content. This adjustment in production is partially compensated by the orderly entry into the market, which avoids overlapping with the production of other regions such as Murcia.

Andalusia and Extremadura: Good Prospects Despite Climate Challenges

In Andalusia, the campaign has also moved forward, with high quality productions and higher calibers for fresh consumption. However, the sector continues to monitor the effects of adverse weather conditions in other regions. In Extremadura, although the impact of the April hail has not yet been fully evaluated, it is expected to match the volume of previous campaigns with an increase in plum production

Good expectations in quality and availability in stone fruit purees and concentrates

The 2024 stone fruit campaign in Spain shows an optimistic outlook with forecasts of good quality and normal volumes. However, as the season progresses, fruit quality and market conditions are expected to stabilize, offering consumers stone fruit purees and concentrates of exceptional quality.
Some products, such as white round peach puree and concentrate, also called flat peach, are expected to have an increase in consumption due to the low availability of fruit of this variety and the increase in international consumption.
These years ago, we have seen how some new concentrates like this white peach are increasing their consumption, due in part to offering the customer a different flavor and characteristics than the usual yellow peaches.
The aroma and flavor with a touch of vanilla are making them present in some special and exclusive manufactures.

At Baor Products we will continue working to offer our customers the best options for their industrial stone fruit production.

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