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The success secret, fruit concentrate vs 100% juice concentrate

The success secret, fruit concentrate vs 100% juice concentrate

We are experiencing a global change in the use of raw materials for industry. Immersed in a time in which the CPI is high throughout the world, it is increasingly necessary to have solutions that help us manufacture at controlled prices and quality. The secret behind the success of many companies is in the use of concentrated bases vs. 100% juice.

The use of concentrated fruit bases can provide numerous economic benefits for different sectors of the industry.

As with other concentrates, concentrated fruit bases

are allows us to optimize transportation, with the

consequent reduction in costs of and subsequent storage compared to other raw materials.

Added to this, using concentrated bases prevents us from having to manage, store and add many raw materials that the concentrated base already includes to our production. This point is very interesting since the manufacturer’s technical department only has to worry about receiving the designated product. Since the concentrated bases are stable on their own, only by adding water in many cases can you have a well-defined final product at affordable costs.

Another benefit of using concentrated bases is the shelf life, which can be longer compared to other raw materials.

base concentrada de fresa y base concentrada de albricoque yogurt baor
base concentrada de fresa y base concentrada de albricoque yogurt baor

Fruit concentrates produces by Baor Products are available in both 32 brix and 65 brix, and this concentration, together with aseptic packaging, means that they can be given to the customer up to 24 months of preferential consumption when frozen.

Maximizing the performance of the concentrated base means that peaks of excess raw materials in the formulas are not left in storage, which in many cases are not used due to losses or deterioration. This point alone makes it very interesting to use our fruit concentrates.

Regarding price, given that large quantities of raw materials are purchased for base manufacturing at more reasonable prices, this helps us protect ourselves from seasonal or climatic fluctuations that may affect the price of fresh fruits or juice concentrates. This will allow us to have stable prices throughout the year, and to be able to serve our clients for an entire year at the same contracted prices.

Another important characteristic of our concentrated bases is the versatility in applications. We usually make the developments thinking about various applications, and because of this, a peach base, for example, can be used for making a tub of jam or even part of an ice cream.

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