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How to produce industrial home made ice creams with fruit puree

How to produce industrial home made ice creams with fruit puree

Making ice cream from fruit puree is a relatively simple process, especially when using high-quality frozen fruit puree. The quality of the ice cream manufactured is directly related to the quality of the raw materials used, this is the reason why frozen fruit purees are used since this puree preserves all the aroma, texture and flavor of the natural fruit. The production flow diagram mainly involves mixing ingredients in the necessary proportions according to the recipe. The different phases go through:

Preparation of frozen fruit puree: you have to defrost the puree to make the mixture of ingredients. It is very important to make sure that it is completely thawed before starting, as this will help the mixture with the rest of the ingredients.

Mixing ingredients: In a receiving tank, the previously thawed puree is mixed with the other ingredients, which usually include milk, cream, sugar, stabilizers or emulsifiers, depending on the type of ice cream you want to make. The latest global trends involve replacing milk with oatmeal drinks or similar. In the case of substituting our oat concentrate, we only have to replace the milk and sugar in the mixture with our oat concentrate. As an advantage, and since our oat concentrate has 65 brix, all the sugars in these ice creams will be vegetable and natural from the oats and fruit.

Smoothie: Use a blender or an industrial ice cream machine, mix all the ingredients until you obtain a homogeneous and smooth mixture. At this point, and if we have included Baor Products oat concentrate in the mixture, we can add water, and reduce the brix we want in our final ice cream. The ideal thing is to have between 18 and 20 brix in the final ice cream.

Freezing: Transfer the ice cream mixture to a suitable container or ice cream machine for later freezing and packaging.

At this photo can see different fruit puree concentrates 32 brix, can see the different color and texture that is directly relationed with ice cream quality

Types of fruit purees most used to make industrial ice cream

The choice of fruit purees for making ice cream is wide, the most used are usually strawberry, raspberry, orange and lemon, although others such as apple and pineapple are also used for tropical mixtures. Some of the fruit purees, such as strawberry or raspberry, are also presented in formats with seeds, which will make the ice cream much more natural. It should be noted that in addition to using SS purees, it is also possible to make ice creams with 30/32 brix fruit concentrates, this will necessarily mean that we will have to reduce the mixture with water to reach more palatable brix, since 32 brix is too sweet. On some occasions, and due to production needs, clarified concentrates of 56 or 70 brix are also used, since they provide us with; As we have indicated previously, natural sugars are added to the mixture that help improve the flavor of the ice cream.

Types of packaging in frozen purees

In the industrial manufacture of ice cream we must distinguish two types of manufacturers, large manufacturers who will need industrial drums of fruit purees, which are usually refrigerated aseptic, and small artisanal manufacturers who normally use fruit purees or fruit concentrates in frozen cubes. 10 or 20 kg. The competitive advantage of this format lies in the total consumption of the product in a single mixture, which means that the ice cream maker does not have to keep drums open for a long time and only uses the puree necessary in each production.

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