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Strawberry puree season 2024

Strawberry puree season 2024

Although strawberries began to be harvested in Spain for fresh consumption some month ago, The strawberry puree campaign has been delayed due to the lack of fruit to manufacture. Last year, about 6,200 hectares of strawberries were planted and this year, we have repeated it with a similar area. The strawberry production estimate is similar to last year, where we also had a somewhat shorter harvest than usual. Regarding the neighboring countries, Morocco and Egypt, it seems that they are also going to reduce their production of industrial strawberry puree and we only have to see what will happen to Poland, if it will be able to meet the demand. The harvest begins with warehouses practically empty of strawberry puree from the previous harvest, where some manufacturers have not been able to link campaigns and where some production window has been lost.

Strawberry puree campaign marked by drought

The 2024 strawberry puree campaign is marked by drought and although in recent days we have had rain in the roe area, it does not seem that this will be enough for us to have a normal harvest. We are waiting for new irrigation to be authorized, which will allow strawberry harvesting to continue in the months of April and May. If weather conditions do not improve and we have water to irrigate plantations, it is most likely that many farmers will plow the fields to grow another crop, leaving a few kg of strawberries to be harvested and thus losing quite a few tons of production.

On the other hand, to the drop in production, as happens in some campaigns, the lack of water during fruit production causes the average Brix degrees of the campaign to rise, which will most likely have a favorable impact on the quality of the fruit. the strawberry purees of Spanish origin from this harvest.

Like every year, Baor Products will continue to offer its customers the best options and price in strawberry purees and concentrates.

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