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Strawberry and raspberry puree and concentrates season 2023/2024

Strawberry and raspberry puree and concentrates season 2023/2024

Strawberry puree and concentrate season 2024

We have the green light to begin programming the next red fruit campaigns. The strawberry plants are already planted for the new 2024 harvest. This year the area planted in strawberries will remain stable compared to last year and has been approximately 6,000 hectares.

Last year, the strawberry puree and strawberry concentrate campaigns were marked by uncertainty regarding price increases, and forecasts of an upward trend in all costs, which caused some manufacturing windows to be lost. Even so, prices, although they rose somewhat, were contained and were normal for production volumes.

The end of the last campaign has ended with almost empty warehouses, where we do not have stocks of quality merchandise, since the uncertainty caused less quantities to be manufactured last year.

Autumn raspberry puree and concentrate season

Regarding raspberries, this year we will focus on the drought. Two harvests ago we had the highest prices for raspberry purees and raspberry concentrates that we can remember in Baor Products, reaching 80 and 85 euros per kg for clarified raspberry juice concentrates.

Last season we were able to recover prices to more reasonable values ​​for raspberry purees and concentrates. With a dry and hot autumn, and also an end to summer with gales of air, which seriously damaged the raspberry crops that we are harvesting now, it is expected that we will not have much fruit to make purees and concentrates. The result today is an increase of 20% compared to the latest prices

Supply marked by demand

At strawberry and raspberry purees and concentrates new markets, everything seems to indicate that the next campaigns will be marked by fluctuations in end consumer demand. It has usually been manufactured, even without having sales, but the high interests and uncertainty seem to be causing the majority of manufacturers not to risk manufacturing this year without having guaranteed sales. Unfortunately, in recent times, we have witnessed a decline in demand due to high interest rates and steadily rising inflation.

These economic factors, like lingering shadows, have cast a veil of uncertainty over the industry, forcing it to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Baor Products will continue to offer its customers the best conditions so that our customers can defend their prices and qualities as best as possible.

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