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Essential Oils and natural aroma for manufacturers and distributors

Oils and natural fruits aroma

Essential oils are obtained through cold pressing of fruits or directly from the aqueous part during concentration. They are 100% natural flavorings used to provide a genuine and authentic citrus aroma to various foods.


In citrus fruits, essential oils are extracted before juicing by gently scraping the citrus peel to obtain an oil rich in natural waxes. These oils, as they contain these natural waxes, require a cold decantation process to remove all impurities. By eliminating all these impurities, we obtain a cold-pressed single-strength citrus essential oil. The following oils stand out:

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Catalog of citrus essential oils for manufacturers and distributors

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In citrus essential oils, the most important parameter is the aldehydes.

Through distillation processes of other parts of the fruit, D-Limonene can also be obtained, which is used as a solvent for other natural flavors.


In the case of other fruits, natural flavors are extracted during the concentration and transformation of NFC juices into juice concentrate.


Concentration is achieved by evaporating the water from the NFC, and this water can be recovered. Through different processes, we can obtain a water-soluble natural flavor ready to be added to other productions. Notable natural flavors include:

Our essential oils and aromas are made with fruits grown in Spain, which allows us to guarantee their quality. The addition of our natural aromas takes productions to a higher level in quality and aroma.

From the careful selection of fruits to the manufacturing and packaging process, each step is carried out with the greatest attention to quality and respect for the environment. Our scents are a conscious choice for those looking to increase the aroma of a product naturally.

At BAOR Products, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products that reflect our vision of a healthier, more balanced future.

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