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Fruit concentrate filled in buckets

Fruit concentrate filled in buckets

The sizes of the manufactures are different, and in many cases it is necessary for us to have a series of sizes more suitable for small manufacturers or productions where the inclusion of a raw material is in a small quantity, as occurs in some kombuchas or with vegetable milks. From this need arises the packaging of concentrates or juices in frozen cubes. The most common industrial format is the 265 kg aseptic drums, in many cases these drums are too large for many manufactures, since it is necessary to consume them completely once opened to avoid losing the product’s shelf life.

The industrial cube format is very interesting due to its manageability and ease of consumption.

It is important to note that for food, you cannot use just any plastic bucket, but it must be made of plastics suitable for food use. At Baor Products it has a plant for the repackaging and manufacturing of concentrates, purees and fruit juices in 10 and 20 kg buckets, in food plastic buckets, being able to offer our same industrial products for small workshops or consumers.

Our range of products for repackaging is practically complete, and we can reprocess any of our products in our packaging plant.

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