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Juice concentrate for hotels filled in bib

Juice concentrate for hotels filled in bib

Traditionally, hotels have provided clients with squeezed juices in horeca and food service, for a few years, and due to the ease of use, the use of concentrated juices in bib has been put into use.

There are different types of concentrates that can be used to make the drinks that are automatically manufactured by hotel dispensing machines, and these qualities are directly related depending on the amount of fruit they contain, or rather, on the dilution ratio that makes the machine.

These dilution ratios can range from 1+9, which are usually the products used in all-inclusive hotels because they are the most economical qualities, to 1+4 where the dilution is done using one part of concentrate for every 4 parts of water to obtain a drink.

Although combined with these products they are called juices for hospitality and catering, in reality they are fruit concentrates, where different ingredients such as different preservatives are added to provide the product with the necessary stability for its distribution and storage in the environment.

Bag in Box filling

The bib format is becoming more and more widespread on the market every day. Bags in a box are a packaging format that consists of a flexible bag inside a box.

This bag usually consists of a triple barrier, where the product does not receive light or oxygen from the outside. This triple barrier is very important to ensure the useful life of the product.

This type of container is convenient for storing large quantities of liquids and facilitates controlled dispensing using different types of nozzles. The bags usually have a nozzle or tap that facilitates the extraction of the contents without having to pour, and in the case of the hospitality industry, it is prepared to adapt directly to the dispensing machine.

Bag in Box differents sizes and caps

There are different types of bag depending on its size and the machine for which it is intended.

The most common sizes are 5 and 10 kg, although it is also common to consume these bibs in sizes of 20 kg for large consumers and communities.

All these bags can be filled with different types of nozzle.

There are 4 nozzles that are usually used for hospitality and each of them is designed for a type of use and manufacturing:

– Blind nozzle, this nozzle cannot be opened, and the bag has to be cut. It is used in formats where the bags will be completely consumed in one use.

– Nozzle with dispensing tap, this nozzle is only used in juices and diluted drinks, since the product inside must be liquefied to be able to come out

– Nozzle with cannula, it is a type of nozzle that contains a plastic cannula that feeds the juice dispensing machine for the hospitality industry.

Nozzle with direct connection to the machine, it is a type of rigid nozzle, with a pipette that connects directly to the machine.

Juice for cocktails manufacturer

En las diferentes tipos de calidades en concentrados para hosteleria, algunas de ellas se utilizan para hacer cocteles, este tipo de concentrados suele ser los 1+9 como los go nine que baor products fabrica. Este tipo de concentrados tienen la ventaja de utilizarse en una proporción muy baja, por lo que pueden dotar al producto final de un gran aroma y sabor .

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