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Oat contains glucose inside

Oat contains glucose inside

Oats contain glucose naturally. Oats are a whole grain that is known to be an excellent source of complex carbohydrates, fiber, and other important nutrients. When you eat foods that contain oats, such as cooked oats or oat flour, some of those carbohydrates are broken down into glucose during digestion. We are talking about the Dextrose equivalents » DE».
Oatmeal is a popular breakfast choice due to its ability to provide sustained energy thanks to its carbohydrate content, including glucose. Additionally, the fiber present in oats can help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing the rate at which glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream. This can be beneficial in keeping energy levels stable throughout the day.
Our manufacturing process, which includes a unique enzyme process, gives our product different characteristics and much more complete nutritional values ​​than other oat syrups.
We can distinguish two types of oats, which give two different qualities in oat concentrates, depending on the equivalent dextrose contained. High dextrose equivalent and low dextrose equivalent
Low DE, this is a product with 35g DE/ 100 gr High DE, this is a product with 68g DE/ 100 gr
Higher levels of DE imply greater enzymatic hydrolysis of the oats, which makes the flavor sweeter as well as more soluble, making it more suitable for different applications.

How to use Oat Concentrate

As we mentioned, the quality differential of these two varieties depends on the level of hydrolysis, which makes the flavor of the oat concentrate sweeter or less sweet.
Low DE, oats with low DE make the sugars in the concentrates more complex, which makes the flavor less sweet. This product is characterized by having a more pronounced oat flavor, which makes it suitable for the manufacture of healthy products where we want to maintain the flavor such as energy bars, where we also need a less sweet flavor. In general, this type of oats has a lower glycemic level, and the absorption of sugars is slower, since it requires digestion for the breakdown of sugars.
This characteristic makes it ideal for manufacturing nutritional supplements where we want to avoid blood sugar spikes.
High DE, oats with high DE make the sugars in the concentrates simpler, which gives the product a sweeter flavor. This 6% concentrate is indicated for applications such as beverages or desserts, where a sweeter flavor is preferred. This is oat concentrate used for oat milk drink manufacture.
In ice cream we have the advantage of having a sweet flavor, which will prevent you from having to sweeten the dessert. It can also be mixed with fruit purees, making a vegan ice cream easily.
Fruit snack, can be used to texture fruit snacks, providing the necessary creamy texture naturally.
Both types of oats are presented in both 165 kg drums and buckets to facilitate use in small manufacturers.

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