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One lemon a day

One lemon a day

Today we enter the world of lemon juice. In the popular wisdom of the Mediterranean diet there has always been talk of drinking the juice of one lemon a day, due to the benefits it has for health.
As we know, this citrus contains a large number of benefits, and in this article we will talk about them.

This little fruit is a nutrient bomb; It is full of vitamin C, essential for strengthening the immune system, as well as keeping skin radiant, shiny and healthy. In addition, lemon juice is a great source of antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that attack collagen, which leads to skin aging.

What does a lemon juice do in an empty stomach?

The benefits multiply. Drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach is a practice that has been carried out for centuries in various cultures, and for good reason. Starting the day with this drink provides our body with a concentrated dose of properties that prepare it to face the day with energy and vitality. Which, in addition to detoxifying the body, stimulates digestion and promotes weight loss by improving metabolism.

But, here comes the best: when we opt for a lemon juice that is also organic, we also avoid typical lemon pesticides.
Organic fruits are grown and processed without pesticides or harmful chemicals, which means we can enjoy lemon juice with extra peace of mind knowing that we are taking care of our health and the environment at the same time. In addition, being ecological, the natural properties are better preserved, ensuring that we obtain all the benefits without overlooking quality.

Lemon juice to remove skin blemishes

Lemon juice can also be used to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, spots that occur on the skin due to age, sun acne or other problems. It must be taken into account that the natural acidity of lemon acts as a powerful natural exfoliant. Lemon is a great cleanser, and is capable of eliminating some of the bacteria that accumulate on the skin. In addition, as it is also a powerful antioxidant, we will protect it from premature aging.

How to use lemon juice

The industrial lemon juice is presented ready to add to production, we only have to open the aseptic bag and pour it to use it in the way we need according to our manufacturing formula.
In the case of frozen aseptic lemon juice, it is recommended to keep the drums refrigerated to thaw slowly and ensure that the product is in perfect condition. It is important to note that the frozen product has an extra quality, as it preserves its color and properties for longer.

As manufacturers, at Baor Products, we are committed to offering a high quality product, using lemons grown in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Each sachet of lemon juice is full of flavor, providing a very revitalizing experience in the morning.

Organic lemon juice is not only good, but it is also loaded with benefits for our health. From strengthening our immune system to improving digestion and helping us with weight loss, this small sachet or pouch is a great option.

Why is important to have one lemon juice a day

Each glass of lemon juice is full of flavor, providing a very revitalizing experience in the morning. This juice, as we have mentioned previously, is full of vitamin C, as well as poniphenols such as speridine. These natural products provide lemon with numerous beneficial properties for health.

Firstly, it helps combat fatty liver and lose weight, due to the natural flavonoids it contains such as speridin. It helps control cholesterol levels, as it increases the production of bile that lowers cholesterol, but the most important thing for health is the vitamin C content, which in addition to helping our immune system, keeps responsible free radicals at bay. of cellular aging.

So, next time you’re looking for a healthy way to start your day, you know where to start !

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