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Exploring the world of peach puree: types, uses and recipes

Exploring the world of peach puree: types, uses and recipes

Peach puree has traditionally been used for baby food, as it provides fiber, vitamins and minerals, making it very easy to produce at home.
As for the different varieties to make peach puree, we find the red peach and the yellow peach, the pulp or meat of the two fruits is yellow, but they differ in the color of the stone.

At the beginning of the manufacture of peach purees, the most used varieties have always been differentiated by the color of the stone of the fruit. Because in the beginning, the Murcian canneries manufactured the peach puree with the second quality or smaller fruit of the peach in syrup, the peaches used were yellow stones, which also tend to take off better, which made the halves peach were much more perfect.
It was over the years that the peach puree market boomed, and it was then that some varieties began to be separated for the production of fruit in syrup and others for the production of fruit purees.

Among the most appreciated varieties for the manufacture of yellow peach purees are the catherine, Calanda, Percoa or also called Clingstone and yellow Necarin. Among the peaches most used to make red peach purees are the red stone nectarine and the baby gold peach. Last years, round peaches are also starting to be used in white peach puree and concentrates manufacture.

Most of the production in Murcia is focused on the months of June, although more and more we can find nectarines for the production of nectarine puree in the month of May.

Industrial peach puree uses:

As we indicated previously, peach puree has been widely used for the manufacture of fruit purees for baby food, although it is also used for many other applications.
Depending on the mesh during the manufacture of the puree, or in its absence and change for cutting blades, the peach can be presented in 0.5 mm puree, 1.5 mm puree, 6×6 mm dice, 10x10mm dice or even whole pitted peach, called peach pulp.

The main uses of peach puree are:
Beverages, used directly, diluting with water and sweetening according to recipe
Jams, in this case we must use more pure pulp/dice, to sweeten according to recipe
Dairy, it is used directly, it is important to take into account the acidity of the puree, since a low-acid puree always combines better with the dairy
Desserts: for inclusion in dough, filling or for fruit topping
Fruit preparations: such as 30/32 concentrated bases, which have different uses
Ice cream: for direct incorporation into the ice cream recipe.

In the manufacture of many small productions, it is necessary to increase the brix degrees of the peach can, for which 10% of sugar is added, as with other fruits, to obtain a product ready for incorporation into different pastry or artisan ice cream productions.

As in other industrial purees, this puree is available in 200 liter drums as well as in 10 and 20 kg frozen cubes for small manufacturers

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