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Pineapple concentrate for drink manufacturers

Pineapple concentrate for drink manufacturers

There are qualities of pineapple concentrate specifically designed for the manufacture of beverages.

These concentrates include all the ingredients necessary to produce a drink only by dilution with water. The versatility of this product makes it ideal for its ease of use, thus also taking into account the benefits it has on the company’s economy.

These fruit concentrates are also valid for other manufactures such as ice cream and dairy desserts.

To make this product, all the pineapple and other ingredients are used to produce a very fruity concentrate with an intense bright yellow color.

Pineapple concentrate is a highly valued product in the food industry due to its versatility and flavor. The concentrate is obtained from fresh, ripe pineapples, which are processed to extract the juice and then undergo an evaporation process to eliminate the water and obtain the concentrate.

concentrado de piña para fabricacion industrial de bebidas
concentrado de piña para fabricacion industrial de bebidas

Diferents qualities in pineapple concentrate

Pineapple concentrate is a common ingredient in the production of juices, soft drinks, energy drinks, desserts and other food products. It is especially popular in the industry.

Baor Products is a manufacturer and distributor of various qualities of pineapple concentrates for the food industry.

In general terms, we can distinguish two types of pineapple concentrate with ingredients, one with quality 1+4 and another with quality 1+9.

Although Spain is not a large producer of pineapple juices, we are a benchmark in quality for our pineapple mixtures for food.

The use of these two ingredients will be based on the client’s needs.

Our technical department will be happy to advise on which of the different references best suits the manufacturing needs of our clients.

Features of pineapple concentrate for drinks:

Both qualities of pineapple concentrate should have a bright yellow color, and depending on the quality and maturity of the fruit and other raw materials, it can vary to somewhat darker tones.

At Baor Products we opt for brighter colored pineapple concentrates, as they allow us to better reach the end of the product’s useful life.

Pineapple concentrates are usually packaged in 265 kg drums or 20 kg bibs.

Now also in frozen 10 or 20 kg cubes for small bakeries,

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