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Strawberry puree with added sugar for restaurants, pastries and ice cream productions

Strawberry puree with added sugar for restaurants, pastries and ice cream productions

Strawberry puree with added sugar is a mixture that has been used for many years for different applications in small bakeries, restaurants and baking. Baor Products is manufacturer of some kinds of strawberry purees with added sugars for many applications
The addition of this sugar, usually 10%, makes the strawberry puree sweeter and makes it more easily incorporated into different applications. This maceration increases the texture and bostwith of the product, which is usually between 12 and 20 cm with a measurement at 30 sec.
Murcia has been the birthplace of vegetable preserves, where we have packaged fruits in syrup for many years. This syrup has usually been made between 16 and 18 brix, which is surely related to the brix demanded in this type of purees with sugar.

The brix degrees of conventional strawberry puree are usually at values ​​of 8 to 10 brix, although on occasion we can find strawberries with 12 brix depending on the variety used and the time of collection. The reason for adding this sugar is to increase the sensation of natural sweetness of the fruit. This will allow us to have a strawberry puree that is between 18 and 20 brix, depending on the natural brix of the strawberry of origin.
Baor Products is a manufacturer of seeded and seedless strawberry purees. These purees are valid for the addition of sugar in different proportions, and can be packaged in different types of formats for small manufacturers and workshops.
The versatility of these containers makes them perfect for different uses

Packaging of strawberry puree with sugar and microbiology:

Baor Products’ packaging of this product is in frozen round food polypropylene cubes, to guarantee that nothing is left on the edges of the cubes. The product is frozen immediately after mixing in our facilities, which allows it to maintain the best organoleptic properties. This type of packaging allows for plate counts of less than 10,000 CFU/Gr, which is a very low count for a frozen product.

Strawberry puree with sugar storage:

Since our strawberry puree with sugar does not have any type of pasteurization, the preservation method is freezing at minus 18 degrees Celsius.
Defrosting this puree must be done in the container itself, closed, and used as soon as possible, always within good production practices. This will give the product a perfect texture to add to any recipe.

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