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The Vegan food revolution

The Vegan food revolution

“It is a way to protect the environment and promote health,” says the World Health Organization ( WHO )

Veganism, an attitude consisting of rejecting foods or consumer items of animal origin.

The choice to adopt a vegan lifestyle has gained relevance in contemporary society. This ethical and sustainable approach not only positively impacts individual health, but also carries significant benefits for the environment and animal welfare. Firstly, from a health perspective, the vegan diet has been associated with numerous benefits for the body. Scientific studies indicate that a vegan diet can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) included excessive consumption of red and processed meats in its list of carcinogenic products, in the same category as cigarettes. In addition, it has been found that its continued consumption can cause diabetes, strokes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity or Alzheimer’s. Additionally, the vegan diet, when planned properly, can provide all essential nutrients, ensuring optimal nutritional balance. From an environmental perspective, the adoption of veganism contributes significantly to reducing the ecological footprint. The production of foods of animal origin involves greater use of natural resources, such as water and land, as well as greenhouse gas emissions (between 20 and 40% of total emissions of these gases). Researchers from the University of Oxford calculated that 83% of global cropland is dedicated to obtaining products of animal origin, while the caloric intake for humans is only 18% and the protein intake is 37%. By opting for plant-based foods, the demand for these resources is reduced, contributing to the preservation of ecosystems and easing pressure on the environment. Additionally, veganism ethically addresses concerns for animal welfare. Today’s food industry often involves practices that cause unnecessary suffering to farm animals. By consuming plant-based products, you promote a more compassionate and ethical approach towards other forms of life on the planet. This lifestyle not only offers personal health benefits, but also plays a crucial role in building a future planet. Adopting this lifestyle is a conscious act that contributes to the preservation of the environment, the improvement of animal well-being and the promotion of individual health. Choosing a plant-based diet could reflect informed and ethical decision-making, demonstrating a valuable commitment to the health of the planet and us, its inhabitants.

This photo is from an OAT drink concentrate manufactures by baor products and filled in buckets 10 kg frozen

Benefits of vegan food

A vegan diet, when properly planned to ensure intake of all essential nutrients, can offer several health and environmental benefits. Here some of them:

Reduced risk of chronic diseases: A well-balanced vegan diet can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer. This is due to the abundance of foods rich in fiber, antioxidants and essential nutrients present in plant-based foods.

Weight management: Many people experience weight loss or maintain a healthy weight by adopting a vegan diet. This may be due to reduced intake of saturated fat and calories from foods of animal origin.

Improved digestion: Vegan diets are usually rich in fiber, which promotes digestive health and can help prevent problems such as constipation.

«Veganism, an attitude consisting of rejecting foods or consumer items of animal origin

Reduced risk of foodborne infectious diseases: The production and consumption of foods of animal origin is sometimes associated with foodborne illnesses. By avoiding these products, you reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases related to meat and dairy products.

Environmental sustainability: The production of animal-based foods often has a greater environmental impact in terms of land use, water and greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing a vegan diet, you can contribute to reducing your ecological footprint and environmental sustainability.

Animal Ethics: Adopting a vegan diet is an ethical choice for many people seeking to reduce their contribution to animal suffering and avoid the exploitation of animals in food production.

Baor Products engaged with vegan manufacture:

At Baor Products, we believe in the importance of making ethical and sustainable decisions that reflect our commitment to health, animal welfare and environmental preservation. We are proud to announce that we are fully committed to veganism and that all our manufactured products are plant-based.

Our commitment to veganism is a manifestation of our responsibility towards the health of our consumers, ethics in food production and the reduction of our environmental impact. We firmly believe that adopting a plant-based diet not only benefits individuals, but also contributes positively to global sustainability.

By opting for plant-based ingredients in the production of our products, we guarantee not only the exclusion of components of animal origin, but also the promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural practices. We strive to offer delicious and nutritious alternatives that meet our customers’ needs without compromising their ethical and environmental values.

Our commitment to veganism goes beyond simply offering products; We also seek to educate and empower our clients about the benefits of conscious dietary choices. We are committed to transparency in information about ingredients and production processes, so that our consumers make informed decisions that reflect their personal values.

At Baor Products, we are excited to be part of a movement towards a more compassionate, healthy and sustainable world. We thank our customers for joining us on this journey and choosing products that support their beliefs and promote a conscious lifestyle.

Together, let’s build a future where respect for animals, human health and the preservation of the planet are fundamental priorities. Thank you for being part of our mission for a more ethical and vegan world!

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