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NFC Juice for manufacturers and distributors

What does it means NFC Juice?

NFC Juice means Squeezed, 100% natural and without any aditives.   ‘Not From Concentrate’ Juice is freshly squeezed juice obtained by pressing the fruit to extract its natural juice.

One important matter in this quality, is that nfc can not be concentrated. AIJN code of practice said all rules that juice nfc may have, brix, acidity ph and more, and all NFC juice need to fit it. 

This freshly squeezed juice is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, as it retains all the health benefits.

Baor Products has been an NFC juice supplier for many years. Traditionally, we distribute our NFC juice in 200-liter drums or in 10- or 20-kg pails that are packaged at our own NFC juice plant


Quality is our aim




Our pure 100% natural NFC lemon juice, made exclusively from healthy lemons suitable for consumption, and selected at their point of ripeness, to obtain a juice through mechanical processes and without any type of additives, grown in Spain, and that comply with AIJN regulations.

The lemon juice that we distribute is fresh, aromatic and fruity, with an intense yellow color.

NFC squeezed lemon juice has many applications, juices, nectars, ice creams, jams, syrups. Using lemon juice as a natural pH regulator, you can maintain a clean label in the final production.

The product is normally packaged in approximately 200 kg drums or 20 kg bibs.

Now also in glass 750 ml (more information in Shop – Horeca)

Brix: 7 min

Acidity 4.5-6.0

baor lemon juice nfc
baor mandarin juice nfc



The product is 100% pure and natural, obtained exclusively by mechanical means from fresh and healthy mandarins of the species Citrus reticulata.

The fruit is harvested at its appropriate point of ripeness and is squeezed by mechanical means without the addition of any additives.

Our NFC juice comes from squeezing mandarin oranges grown in Spain, and follows the characteristics of the AIJN code.

Tangerine juice is fruity, fresh and aromatic, and has an intense orange color.

Packaging is done in aseptic drums of approximately 200 kg, although we can also package in 20 kg frozen, unpasteurized and aseptic containers.

Brix: 11 min

Ratio 12-20

Pulps 6-12

orange juice concentrate BAOR brand



The product is 100% pure and natural, obtained exclusively by squeezing fresh and healthy oranges of the Citrus reticulata species grown in Spain.

The fruit is harvested at its appropriate point of ripeness, and taken to the factory for juicing without the addition of any additives.

Our NFC juice comes from juicing oranges grown in the Mediterranean area of ​​Spain, and follows the characteristics of the AIJN code.

Orange juice is very fruity, fresh and aromatic, and has an intense orange color.

Packaging is done in aseptic drums of approximately 200 kg.

Brix: 11 min

Ratio 12-20

Pulps 6-12

50 kg although we can also package 20 kg in bag in box



NFC apple juice is produced from healthy and washed fruits. The apple juice is extracted by mechanical means and with high pressure to obtain a low pulp product. This juice is what is used to make apple juice concentrate.

The apple juice is packaged in refrigerated 200 liter aseptic drums.

baor apple juice nfc
baor pear juice nfc



NFC pear juice is produced from healthy and washed fruits. The pear juice is extracted by mechanical means and with high pressure to obtain a low pulp product. This juice is what is used to make pear juice concentrate.

The apple juice is packaged in refrigerated 200 liter aseptic drums.



Our pomegranate juice is 100% pure and natural, obtained exclusively by mechanical means from fresh pomegranates.

We produce premium quality NFC pomegranate juice from pomegranates grown in Spain. The pomegranate juice is fresh, fruity and aromatic, presenting an intense red color.

We only manufacture 100% NFC pomegranate juice without the addition of additives, maintaining the highest quality standards.

We offer two varieties: Wonderful and Mollar.

NFC pomegranate juice has a wide range of applications, such as juices, drinks, ice cream, jams, syrups, among others.

At Baor, we store all our pomegranate juice frozen, ensuring that it reaches our customers with maximum freshness and maintaining its organoleptic properties as much as possible.

baor pomegranate juice nfc
baor aloe vera juice nfc



Aloe Vera has historically been used for skin treatments. With aloe juice, in addition to taking care of ourselves on the outside, we can also take care of ourselves on the inside.

– It is a natural cleanser; helps expel toxins

– It is a natural digestive, it helps with digestive problems

– Lowers cholesterol; Regularly consuming aloe juice helps eliminate cholesterol and also regulates triglyceride levels

– Anti-inflammatory effect; Aloe juice contains campesterol, lupeol and Beta-sitosterol, which have anti-inflammatory action



Pink grapefruit juice is highly appreciated to include in other manufactures or to package directly to package in paking for the final consumer.

baor pink grapefruit juice nfc


NFC juice, or Non-Concentrated juice, is a type of fruit juice that is differentiated by its manufacturing process and its nutritional quality compared to other types of juices, such as concentrates. The NFC juice production process focuses on maintaining the flavor, aroma and nutritional value of fresh fruit. Next, I will explain why NFC juice is relevant from a marketing point of view and how its manufacturing process is carried out.

Nutritional Quality and Naturalness: NFC juice is promoted as a healthier option due to its manufacturing process. By not undergoing a concentration process that involves the elimination of water, the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in fresh fruit are better preserved. This allows its nutritional benefits and its more natural character to be highlighted.

Fresh Flavor and Aroma: The NFC juice manufacturing process maintains the fresh flavor and aroma of the fruit, making it attractive to consumers seeking an authentic sensory experience. This characteristic is used in marketing campaigns to highlight the organoleptic quality of the product.

Transparency and Trust: Consumers increasingly seek food products that are transparent regarding their origin and production process. NFC juice can be promoted as a reliable option due to its simple manufacturing process and focus on preserving the qualities of the original fruit.


Fruit Selection: The process begins with the selection of fresh, ripe, high-quality fruits. These fruits must meet specific standards to guarantee the desired flavor and nutritional value in the juice.

Juice Extraction: The selected fruits are washed and undergo a juice extraction process. This process may involve mechanical methods, pressing or centrifugation, depending on the type of fruit and the manufacturer.

Filtering: The juice obtained is filtered to eliminate impurities, pulps and solid residues. This step is essential to obtain a clean and clear juice.

Pasteurization: To ensure food safety and extend the shelf life of the product, NFC juice undergoes a gentle pasteurization process. This involves heating the juice to a specific temperature for a certain time to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms without greatly compromising its sensory quality.

Packaging and Distribution: Once pasteurized, the juice is packaged in appropriate bottles or containers that protect the product from light and air, helping to preserve its freshness and flavor. It is then distributed to points of sale and consumers.


  1. In the world of fruit juices, NFC (Not From Concentrate) Juice has gained a prominent place thanks to its numerous advantages that differentiate it from other options on the market. This type of juice, which is characterized by its manufacturing process that preserves the authenticity and quality of the original fruit, offers significant benefits for consumers seeking an exceptional sensory and nutritional experience. Below we highlight some of the most notable advantages of choosing the Zumo NFC:

    Fresh and Intense Flavor: One of the main attractions of NFC Juice is its authentic and fresh flavor, which remains almost identical to that of freshly squeezed fruit. The absence of concentration or dilution processes preserves the unique sensory characteristics of each fruit, providing consumers with a natural and authentic taste in every sip.

    Nutritional Value: The manufacturing process of NFC Juice prevents the loss of essential nutrients. By not undergoing the elimination of water or the use of additives, the juice retains a significant amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in the original fruit. This makes NFC Juice a valuable source of nutrition and contributes to a balanced diet.

    Without Additives or Preservatives: Consumers looking for more natural and healthy options find in NFC Juice an alternative free of additives and preservatives. As a less processed version, the juice minimizes exposure to artificial substances, offering a purer and more reliable option for those who value simpler ingredients.

    Complete Sensory Experience: The authenticity of NFC Juice is reflected in its aroma, color and flavor, providing a complete sensory experience. This aspect is particularly appreciated by lovers of genuine flavors and vivid sensory sensations.

    Connection with Nature: Opting for NFC Juice is a choice that reflects the connection with nature and respect for the simplest production processes. Consumers looking for products that align with their environmental and health values ​​find NFC Juice an option consistent with their lifestyle choices.

    Culinary Versatility: NFC Juice can not only be enjoyed directly, but is also a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. Its natural flavor enhances smoothies, cocktails, dressings, marinades and recipes in general, adding an authentic fruity touch to various preparations.

    In summary, NFC Juice is distinguished by its unique advantages that range from the preservation of flavor and nutritional value to the absence of additives. This juice option stands as a tasty and healthy choice for those looking to enjoy the pure essence of fruits at their finest.

NFC FRUIT JUICES: Nutritional Value in Every Sip

The diversity of flavors and nutritional benefits offered by NFC (Not From Concentrate) juices from different fruits is a treasure for those looking for a delicious and authentic source of nutrition. From orange to pink grapefruit, each NFC juice variety brings with it a unique nutritional profile that brings health and flavor to everyday life. Below, we explore the nutritional values ​​of some of the most popular NFC juices:

NFC Orange Juice: Orange is widely recognized for its high content of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that contributes to the health of the immune system. In addition, orange juice provides vitamin A, folic acid and potassium, which promotes eye health, red blood cell production and electrolyte balance.

NFC Lemon Juice: Lemon is an important source of vitamin C and flavonoids, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its low calorie content and its ability to stimulate digestion make lemon juice a refreshing and healthy option.

NFC Tangerine Juice: Tangerine provides vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B6, among other nutrients. It also contains dietary fiber, which contributes to digestive health and blood sugar regulation.

NFC Apple Juice: Apple juice is known for its soluble fiber content, which can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels and promote satiety. It also provides vitamin C and several antioxidants, making it a nutritionally rich option.

NFC Pear Juice: Pear is a source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. Its potassium content contributes to fluid balance and proper muscle function.

NFC Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranate juice stands out for its high content of antioxidants, especially punicalagins and flavonoids. These compounds have anti-inflammatory properties and could benefit cardiovascular health.

NFC Aloe Juice: Aloe vera is prized for its moisturizing properties and potential benefits for skin health. Additionally, its vitamin, mineral, and enzyme content may contribute to digestive health and immune function.

NFC Pink Grapefruit Juice: Pink grapefruit is known for its content of vitamin C and antioxidants such as lycopene. These compounds have the potential to support cardiovascular health and protect against certain chronic diseases.

In conclusion, NFC juices from various fruits offer a range of nutritional values ​​ranging from vitamin C to antioxidants and fiber. Each variety provides unique health and wellness benefits, allowing consumers to choose flavors and nutrients that fit their individual needs and preferences.

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