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Fruit Concentrate for manufacturers and distributors

What is a fruit concentrate?

Baor Products is a manufacturare and supplier of man Fruits Concentrates that are used in food industry to make many fruit productions, where we need an special characteristics to fit the product to our production.

All of those fruit concentrates are made from juice concentrate or juice plus others ingredients to improve the characteristics of our concentrate.

The characteristics of those fruit concentrates makes essential to the successful of many develops and food manufacturers.

Fruit concentrate is used for many industrial manufacture applications, including beverages, brewing, ice creams, and pastries. They are also known as fruit compounds or concentrated bases. Due to climate change, in recent years, we have seen crop failures, leading to an increasing global consumption of fruit concentrates for manufacturing purposes year after year.

At Baor Products, we are pioneers in the innovation of these concentrates, actively involved in their production. We also have a fruit concentrate development plant, which positions us as leaders in the distribution and manufacturing of these products. The high quality of our developments enables us to be suppliers to major global manufacturers.

Fruit syrups for drinks

These fruit concentrates are also used in beverage production. Depending on the concentration and ingredients, we can find syrups at 1+9, 1+7, or 1+4 ratios, with the latter being of higher quality and containing more fruit content. 1+4 syrups can also contain fruit pieces and are suitable as a confectionery base.

Our fruit concentrate are used worldwide to produce fruit syrups of many flavors and distributed worldwide. Our fruit concentrates are also present in many hotels and food service.

Quality is our aim

Fruit Concentrate

Concentrado de Pera Natural marca BAOR



This pear concentrate is made with natural ingredients to increase its pear flavor and smell. Pear concentrate is perfect for producing drinks, syrups and/or sauces. Normally we package the product in 250 kg drums although we can also package in 20 kg bag in box. The brix of Pear concentrate is usually 70º



It is produced with natural ingredients, we use the whole orange to manufacture, obtaining a very fruity and fresh orange concentrate with an intense orange color. This concentrate is valid for many manufactures, mainly drinks, ice cream and pastries, it is also useful for the manufacture of ice cream and energy drinks. The orange concentrate is manufactured in several plants in Spain, using fruit harvested in Spain, mainly varieties planted in areas of Valencia and Seville. We mainly produce concentrate with 6-9% pulp, although it is also possible to manufacture with different ranges such as 2% pulp or even clarified Brix 64-66º acidity 3.2-4.0 Ph .0-4.0

baor orange concentrate
baor apple concentrate



This apple concentrate is made with natural ingredients to increase its apple flavor and smell. Apple concentrate is perfect for producing drinks, syrups, sauces, ciders or vinegars. Normally we package the product in 250 kg drums although we can also package in 20 kg bag in box. The brix of apple concentrate is usually 70º



It is one of the concentrates with the most uses. We can find this concentrate in a wide variety of productions. At Baor Products we can produce qualities of refrigerated aseptic and frozen aseptic pineapple concentrate in 250 kg drums or in 20 kg bag in box. In addition, we can also manufacture in 60 and 65 brix quality. Brix 60-65 Acidity 1.8-2.8 Ph 4.0 max

baor pineapple concentrate
baor strawberry concentrate



It is perfect for the production of sweets, fruit snacks, jams, jelly beans, sauces and drinks such as energy drinks or ice creams. It has an intense red color with a fresh strawberry smell. We can produce in 250 kg drums and 20 kg bib



Strawberry puree concentrate with seeds is mainly presented in 18 or 32 brix, and is mainly used in dairy production, smoothies or yogurts.

baor strawberry concentrate with seeds
baor raspberry concentrate


At Baor Products we are leaders in the manufacture of raspberry concentrates. Raspberry 65 concentrate is mainly used for the manufacture of drinks, ice cream and syrups; where it is not necessary to add pulp. We can manufacture in 250 kg drums or 20 kg bib Brix 64.0-66 Acidity 12.0-17.0 Ph 3.5 max


Raspberry concentrate 32 bx is mainly used for the manufacture of desserts, ice creams and smoothies. Our raspberry concentrate is widely used in the pastry industry due to its great aroma and stable color.

baor raspberry concentrate
baor pomegranate concentrate


POMEGRANATE (Clear y Cloudy)

Pomegranate is one of the best superfruits with a large number of properties. We use the entire pomegranate to produce our concentrate, mixing the different parts to obtain different qualities according to customer demand. At Baor we are manufacturers and distributors of cloudy pomegranate concentrate and clear pomegranate concentrate, at 65 brix, we can even manufacture a low quality pesticide. We package these concentrates in 250 kg aseptic drums and 20 kg bibs that we export all over the world. Brix 64.66 Acidity 4.4-5.4 Ph 4.0 max



At Baor Products we mix various fruit concentrates to obtain different qualities and colors of fruit concentrate according to the needs of our clients. We mainly have Mediterranean multifruit concentrate, tropical multifruit concentrate and red fruit multifruit concentrate.

baor multifruit concentrate
baor aloe vera concentrate



It is developed mainly for the production of beverages, although it can also be used as a complement to any other manufacturing where you want to include this superfood, such as pastries, ice creams, desserts, jams, syrups, cosmetics… Brix 39.0*41.0 Ph 4.0 max Acidity 0.1-0.3



This fruit concentrate is ideal for the production of soft drinks, gummies, snacks… and can be reconstituted only with the addition of water. We can manufacture the grape concentrate in 65 or 68 brix and in 250 kg aseptic drums or in a 20 kg bottle. Brix 65-68 Acidity 0.5-1.5 PH 4.2 max

baor white grape juice concentrate
baor red grape juice concentrate



This fruit concentrate is ideal for the production of soft drinks, gummies, snacks… and can be reconstituted only with the addition of water. The red grape concentrate is available in 65 or 68 brix and in 250 kg aseptic drums or 20 kg bottles. In addition, we can also manufacture different qualities depending on the color the client needs; mainly 400 or 600 color points Brix 65-68 Acidity 0.5-1.5 PH 4.2 max



This product is ideal for the production of beverages, it is also widely used in pastries, ice creams, syrups or as a pH regulator. We manufacture whole fruit concentrate, mixing different parts to obtain different qualities. The most important quality parameter in lemon concentrate is the GPL; which indicates the grams per liter of citric acid contained in the concentrate; in this case 400 gpl At Baor Products we manufacture in 250 kg drums and in 20 or 25 kg bibs at the customer’s request. 400 LPG Brix 45-50 Acidity 31-33 ph 3.5

baor lemon concentrate
baor lemon concentrate



This product is ideal for the production of beverages such as energy drinks, it is also widely used in pastries, ice creams, syrups or as a pH regulator. The most important quality parameter in lemon concentrate is the GPL; which indicates the grams per liter of citric acid contained in the concentrate, in this case 500 gpl, both in clear and cloudy quality At Baor Products we manufacture in 250 kg drums and in 20 or 25 kg bibs at the customer’s request. 500 LPG Brix 50-52 acidity 40.0-43.0 Ph: 3.0 max



The sour cherry concentrate can be used in many manufactures such as syrups, jellies, or drinks. It is also used for the production of jams, ice cream and pastries. The sour cherry has cleansing and antioxidant properties. The presence of salicylic acid makes it anti-inflammatory. It also contains phenolic components that protect the cardiovascular system. The tart cherry is rich in Vitamin A and C, and is one of the products used in the antiaging range. Brix 65-66 acidity 5.5 – 6.5 ph 4 max

baor sourcherry concentrate
baor food based plant concentrate



It is composed of a cereal base and a series of ingredients to obtain a concentrate that can only be used with a solution. Every day there are more adults who are allergic or have some intolerance to dairy products. These vegetable milk concentrates are developed to replace these dairy products in various manufactures.



Passion fruit concentrate is widely used worldwide either to make drinks or as an ingredient in many multifruits thanks to its tropical flavor.

baor passion fruit concentrate

what is a fruit concentrate?

Concentrated fruit bases come in liquid form and are used to make juices, soft drinks, sorbets, ice creams, desserts and other products. This concentration allows the organoleptic properties of the fruit to be maintained, such as its flavor, aroma and color, while achieving greater durability and conservation. Fruit concentrate includes concentrated juice, pulp concentrate and other ingredients that contribute to the stability and organoleptic improvement of the final product. In addition, we have the ability to offer personalized products, adapted to the specific recipes and needs of each client. The concentrated fruit base is experiencing notable growth and is booming, being an element present in various production lines.

what do we offer to our customers?

Industrial customers looking for a concentrated fruit base often have a set of specific requirements they wish to meet when selecting a supplier. Some of the characteristics of fruit bases include:

Authentic flavor: Industrial customers expect the concentrated strawberry base to have a genuine and natural taste. They want to ensure that the product maintains consistent quality and flavor in each batch.

Ingredient quality: Industrial customers also seek a concentrated fruit base made with high-quality ingredients. They want to ensure that the strawberries used in the base’s production are fresh and of excellent quality.

Ease of use: Industrial customers look for a concentrated base that is easy to incorporate into their production processes. They desire a base that mixes easily and is compatible with their equipment and manufacturing procedures.

Stability and durability: Furthermore, stability and durability are essential aspects for industrial customers. They seek a concentrated base that preserves its properties over time and maintains its quality and flavor even during extended storage periods.


At the forefront of the gastronomic revolution, concentrated fruit bases emerge as the intelligent answer to drive innovation in food product manufacturing. Delving into the world of advantages these bases offer, we find a symphony of reasons to make the leap toward more efficient and flavorful production.

Economic Efficiency:
The path to excellence begins with economic efficiency. Our concentrated fruit bases present themselves as a smart solution to reduce production costs. Through their strategic integration, all essential flavors and additives are directly incorporated, avoiding redundancies and optimizing resources. By simplifying the manufacturing process, you not only save time but also reduce the expenses of raw material storage, a valuable resource that can be channeled towards creativity and business expansion.

Lasting Freshness:
Freshness is the heart of the culinary experience, and our concentrated fruit bases are the bridge that connects this vitality with longevity. Thanks to their extended shelf life, we can preserve the natural fruit flavors over time, eliminating waste and ensuring that the essence of each fruit remains at its peak. Thus, we not only provide consistency but also guarantee the availability of flavors throughout the year, transcending seasonal limitations and enabling continuous creation.

Practical Versatility:
At the core of modern cuisine is versatility. Our concentrated fruit bases, with their ease of handling and storage, unlock a world of culinary possibilities. With the ability to be used in various quantities and stages of the production process, they facilitate limitless experimentation. Whether in the laboratory of an innovative chef or on the production line of a renowned company, this versatility becomes a blank canvas for culinary creativity.

Unquestionable Quality:
In a world where quality and food safety are essential, our concentrated fruit bases stand out for their integrity. Subjected to rigorous quality controls at every step of their production, we ensure a reliable and consistent experience in each final product. Every bite is a sample of the excellence in which we firmly believe, ensuring that our bases are a pillar on which our customers and consumers can rely.

A Vibrant Future:

We are in the midst of a shift in how we understand and experience food. Our concentrated fruit bases are not only becoming more prevalent every day but also taking the place of other raw materials that have been used in the past. The future of gastronomy is constantly evolving, and we are excited to be part of this transformation, guiding our customers towards new horizons filled with flavor and possibilities.

In every drop of our concentrated fruit bases, a story of innovation and passion is found. We invite everyone to explore the opportunities we offer and join us in creating an exceptional gastronomic tomorrow.


In the dynamic universe of the food industry, excellence begins with the foundation. This is where our concentrates for beverages and other applications rise as the key to transforming your culinary concepts into irresistible realities. Let us guide you through a gastronomic journey where versatility, quality, and innovation are the essential ingredients.

Custom Concentrates for Beverages and More:

Our concentrates are the undisputed stars in creating exceptional beverages. With a precise formula designed for direct dissolution, we provide you with the power to turn liquids into captivating experiences. At just 10-12 degrees brix, the alchemy begins, giving life to a range of beverages that awaken the senses.

Beyond Beverages: Explore Diversity:

The reach of our concentrates extends beyond beverages, opening the doors to an exciting world of culinary applications. From energy drinks to aromatic infusions, fizzy beverages that bubble with creativity, to the perfect mix for beers that challenge the ordinary.

And we don’t stop there: concentrates also bring character to liquors, sweeten life with syrups, offer the invigorating elixir of kombucha, the creamy delight of ice creams, the sauces that complete a dish, the special touch in irresistible yogurts, and even the magic that shapes the candy industry.

Personalized Innovation:

In a world where personalization defines excellence, we offer you the opportunity to create your culinary signature. Our concentrates allow you to play with flavors and textures, merging familiar elements into new and exciting creations. Your imagination is the limit as we create the perfect tool for your innovation.

An Endless Range of Possibilities:

Welcome to a world where flavors intertwine with imagination. Our concentrates not only open a spectrum of culinary possibilities but also drive efficiency by reducing steps in the process and optimizing resources.

Flavor, Quality, and Cutting Edge:

The essence of our concentrates lies in unbeatable quality and a commitment to innovation. Every drop is infused with passion and expertise, supported by rigorous quality control standards. Every sip, every spoonful is a testament to our dedication to excellence.

Transform Your Culinary Tomorrow Today:

The food revolution is underway, and our concentrates are the compass to excellence. Transform your beverages and food applications into unique and captivating experiences. Contact us today to discover how we can be the catalyst for your culinary creativity.

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Discover the advantages of choosing Baor as your partner!

Leader in fruit and vegetable juices and concentrates, we stand out for excellence and innovation. Our products are 100% plant-based, sustainable and of high quality.

As international manufacturers and distributors, we guarantee safe and punctual deliveries. We work with you to boost the success of your business with personalized solutions fully adapted to your company.

Trust Baor to achieve your goals and enjoy a passionate and trustworthy collaboration!

Contact us today and discover how our concentrated fruit bases can propel your culinary vision to new heights.

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